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The ones you always pull out of the wardrobe when the wind is biting at your cheeks, or when you have a wardrobe crisis and don't know what to wear. Tops for women that you should have in a selection of fabrics and colours. 

At LOUNGE NINE, you’ll find a wide assortment of soft, comfortable and feminine women’s knitwear. We’ve selected beautiful fabrics that are comfortable to wear, keep you warm and which you can still breathe in. In winter, the sweater is a lady’s best friend. Both for a casual and a slightly more refined look. No need to compromise on your style, as our simple, feminine knits will certainly go with much of what you already have hanging in your wardrobe. A sweater is guaranteed to keep you warm and can be styled in various ways - all according to your mood and needs. Fortunately, it’s not only in winter that soft knitwear is a wardrobe essential. On a chilly summer evening, your new knitted shirt from LOUNGE NINE can be a sure winner, too. Team a chunky, warm sweater with a floaty skirt for a cool, casual outfit.

Many people associate soft sweatshirts with a sporty, more casual look. That’s often the case, but women’s sweatshirts allow for a multitude of combinations. Wear it with a pair of holey jeans for a cool, sporty look, or pull on a soft pair of sweatpants and team them with a fabulous sweater - perfect for a Sunday on the sofa binge watching your favourite TV series. 

Whether you’re into knitted sweaters in soft cashmere, wool or blends, or you’re a sucker for a soft sweatshirt, LOUNGE NINE has what you’re looking for. Browse our soft, comfortable lounge universe and fall in love with the latest styles and trends.